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ELEMENTS is where we tell gripping stories covering Linde clients, employees and technology from all around the globe. You will find reports, interviews, infographics and interactive elements to enrich your reading experience. 

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Read about megatopics with specific regional and business focus. Each megatopic will be covered in six different categories. They are:


Linde leverages companies to succeed. This section focuses on trailblazers – Linde clients at the forefront of innovation. You’ll hear their compelling success stories here.

The bigger picture

Linde provides innovative solutions that make a difference to the world. Here we look at the bigger picture by featuring stories that exemplify the values and vision of Linde.

Cutting edge

Linde is pushing boundaries in innovation for its customers. Here we take a closer look at the cutting edge solutions we offer – how they work, how they were developed and more.

Connecting the dots

Linde stays ahead of trends. An in-depth knowledge of the fields in which we operate is essential. Here we connect the dots from trend to technology through insightful infographics.

Behind the scenes

Linde is empowering people with a passion to excel. This section goes behind the scenes where Linde employees take the stage to share their stories.

Outside the box

Linde finds innovative applications for its tried and tested solutions. These stories make you think outside the box and appreciate the full impact of our products.

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